If your home has sufficient loft space, then a conversion is the most cost-effective way to add an extra room or rooms to your home, and to increase your property value at the same time.

There are several different kinds of loft conversion to consider.

  • Roof extensions are the most straightforward, but depend on having a suitable roof.
  • Velux loft conversion is one of the easiest ways to convert your wasted roof space into a useable space for any number of purposes. Velux roof windows are designed to fit flush with your current roof line which leaves your existing structure as is with minor outdoor work required.
  • A dormer loft conversion is a loft extension to your roof, but doesn’t normally take up the whole of the roof space. It also has the advantage of adding plenty of natural light.
  • Mansard extensions unlike a dormer conversion, it doesn’t add to the roof space, but rebuilds the whole side of the roof.

Whichever you choose, the good news is that, with the exception of Mansard loft conversions, planning permission is almost never required (although we will always advise on this).